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The Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology

The Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology was created in September 2015 by Sanofi Pasteur under the auspices of Fondation de France to formalize several years of commitment to epidemiological research on severe influenza.

This funding mechanism was established to facilitate additional funding from other donors for this world-scale active surveillance project.

All donations collected through this foundation are dedicated to epidemiological research in the field of severe influenza and other respiratory viral diseases.


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of the GIHSN

The Global Influenza Hospital-based Surveillance Network (GIHSN) is a platform to generate epidemiological evidence on the burden of severe influenza and the potential public health benefit of influenza vaccines.

This worldwide platform is open to networks of hospitals coordinated by public health institutions willing to share surveillance data and epidemiology expertise with other countries. In 2017-2018, institutes from 18 countries (20 sites, 60 hospitals) implemented the GIHSN protocol and contributed to the yearly pooled analysis and related discussions.

Not-for-profit institutions with proposals aligned with the GIHSN scope and study design are eligible to apply for a grant from this foundation.
See the Call for proposal 7th Flu Season 2018-2019.


The Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology is also willing to consider a limited number of unsolicited proposals for activities strongly aligned with the Foundation mandate and building on the GIHSN data. These proposals can be submitted all year long and will be considered during the annual Executive Committee meeting of the Foundation in September.


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of the Foundation

The Executive Committee

The Foundation is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of nine members. This committee meets once a year to review the strategy of the foundation, its budget, and to evaluate proposals eligible for funding.

It comprises:

  • 4 Sanofi Pasteur scientific and public health specialists
  • 3 independent influenza experts
  • 2 seats for external donors
  • An observer from Fondation de France attends each meeting

Fondation de France ensures all administrative, legal and financial diligence. Transparency is ensured by Fondation de France oversight.

The Independent Scientific Committee

An Independent Scientific Committee composed of 11 experts was constituted in April 2018, to provide recommendations for technical, scientific and related ethical aspects.

The Scientific Committee contributes to reviewing and advising on the scientific deliverables such as the protocol, analyses, interpretation of results, report(s), scientific communication and publications.

It advises the decision maker on technical and scientific topics and provides specific recommendations.

Coordination and operational support

The operational coordination of the GIHSN network and data collection and analysis are performed by OpenHealth Company, a French external organization funded by the Foundation, specialized in health data analysis.


If you are interested in the network,
please contact us:

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