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Guiding principles

The GIHSN is a network of several sites affiliated with national health authorities (see About Us).

Sites are selected based on their motivation, geographic representativeness, ability to conduct epidemiological studies, availability of laboratory facilities, and expertise in influenza surveillance. Each coordinating site supervises a group of one to several hospitals in its country or geographical region and follows a core reference protocol (see Join the GIHSN).

Independence and ownership

All study sites are public partners and they have full ownership of the data they generate.Sanofi Pasteur has access to the results but not to the the raw data.

Capacity building and sustainability

Technical assistance is provided by the coordinator of the network.

This is a long term initiative planned to be renewed every year pending satisfactory output and budget availability.

Data use and sharing

A pooled analysis is performed yearly by the coordinator and discussed at a global stakeholders meeting.

Operational coordination

Operational coordination of the GIHSN network and data collection and analysis are performed by OpenHealth Company, a Paris based independent organization specialized in health data analysis.

OpenHealth Company provides healthcare data analysis for epidemiological, public healthcare and medico-economic research for all health sector stakeholders.

OpenHealth Company has 10 years of experience in the collection and real-time processing of health data. Its expertise is based on the use of many sources of data.

OpenHealth Company coordinates the GIHSN network through protocol discussion, facilitation of scientific and technical exchanges between the network members, execution of pooled-analyses and organization of a yearly meeting to share and discuss results.

OpenHealth Company is comprised of over 50 experts from the world of health studies, doctors, pharmacists, bio-statisticians, epidemiologists, data scientists, healthcare economists and digital healthcare specialists.


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