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Call for proposal 7th Flu season 2018-2019


Guided by the need to characterize the burden of Seasonal influenza disease and the impact of current vaccination programs in countries, the Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology is funding the Global Influenza Hospital-based Surveillance Network (GIHSN) as a platform to generate epidemiological evidence on the burden of severe influenza and the potential public health benefit of influenza vaccines.

This worldwide platform is open to networks of hospitals coordinated by public health institutions willing to share surveillance data and epidemiology expertise with other countries. In 2017-2018, institutes from 18 countries (20 sites, 60 hospitals) implemented the GIHSN protocol and contributed to the yearly pooled analysis and related discussions.

We are looking for not-for profit institutions able and willing to implement the GIHSN protocol and share their data for a pooled analysis. Selected institutions will receive partial funding from the Foundation.

Governance of the Foundation

The governance of the Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology is ensured by an Executive Committee, composed of four Sanofi Pasteur scientific and public health specialists and three independent influenza experts. Main role is to select applicant sites for funding allocation each year. Following decisions from the Executive committee in September, grants are provided directly from the Foundation for Influenza Epidemiology to Institutions responsible for the GIHSN study implementation

A Independent Scientific Committee composed 11 experts of was constituted in April 2018, to provide recommendations for technical, scientific and related ethical aspects.

OpenHealth Company, a Paris based independent organisation experienced in public health data management is in charge of the coordination, technical assistance and pooled data analyses during the season.

Added Value to participate in the GIHSN

Be part of a worldwide partnership of key influenza epidemiology experts sharing and discussing yearly data from surveillance of Influenza and other respiratory viruses together with international influenza experts.

Exchange on scientific and methodological aspects related to influenza surveillance, investigate new research questions of interest and be associated to publications across sites.

Enhance or extend your existing surveillance system through our catalytic funding. Funding is usually within the range of 20,000€ to 150,000€ depending on the size of the site.

How to apply

All applications have to be submitted on-line on the GIHSN website.

Admissibility requirement:

To be eligible, applicants should be not-for-profit institutions or organisations. The following documents should be provided along with the proposal:

  • Last annual report
  • Financial report (including earnings and balance sheet) from last year
  • Bank account number (official bank document – with swift)
  • List of the members of the board of governors (i.e group of people who jointly oversee the activities of an organization)
  • Copy of the decree of creation (i.e Statutory act returned by the president of the republic or the head of government)

All documents should be submitted on-line on the GIHSN website on July 14th, 2018 the latest.

By Mid October 2018, official responses from the Foundation will be sent to applicants.


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GIHSN-Call for proposal 2018-2019

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